Why Choose Information Technology

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Laurus College Blog – Why Choose Information Technology

Why Choose Information Technology

by the Information Technology Department at Laurus College

With the economic uncertainty of today, a career commitment in any field may be difficult to maintain over a long period. Information Technology (IT) is part of almost every single other career field in the world, and technicians keep communication infrastructure flowing. From baby monitors to cell phones, supercomputers to guided missiles, someone learned how to turn written text into a language that controls mechanical hardware.

Under the hood, computers are comprised of small electrical switches and components that respond to pulses controlled by software. To better understand why your computer or cell phone is running slowly, you need to first understand what it is actually capable of before you start issuing commands; much like you would consider the size of an engine, suspension, tires, and aerodynamics of a vehicle before you turn the key and press the gas pedal.

Aside from hardware, software is just as much of a factor to consider with regard to the “how” and “why” questions. Think of a parking structure where each space is numbered and each vehicle associated with that space is recorded by a couple of characteristics; say length, height, weight, and color. As long as each characteristic remains constant, these cars are allowed to park in their assigned spaces. Seems adequate enough… right? In most cases, it would be pretty accurate to say that we could keep track of these cars coming and going. Consider now, the gas tank was full when the record of a car was originally logged, and now it is full only half way, the tire pressure adjusted due temperature and humidity, or a sweater was left in the back seat. We would need to consider hundreds, if not millions of variables to actually say beyond any doubt that each car left the garage and returned unchanged. Perhaps a better question is what capacity of “change” is acceptable knowing the inevitable?

So, why choose Information Technology? Because IT is an ever expanding field with a little something for everyone. Jobs for extroverts and introverts, tinkerers and mathematicians, gamers and engineers, and many others are out there, limited only by the imagination itself. It is one thing to read a book and learn a little tech talk, but what if a person learns enough to make technology their own and pioneer a new way to view the world? Information Technology provides these opportunities in many ways.

The IT & Service Professional and Computer Networking programs at Laurus College deliver a solid entry-level foundation to the world of technology using industry-standard structure and curriculum. We will not only teach you the skills you need to start a career in Information Technology, but also help you apply those skills you attain to the world of computers and networking. It is a complex world with seemingly too many variables to consider…or is it? Allow our instructors to show you how to identify your creative technical attributes, and let the information work for you!

The Information Technology (IT) & Network Systems Degree program at Laurus College can help you get where you want to be. Learn more about the IT Programs at Laurus College

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