Success in 60 Seconds: Remember Names

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Laurus College Blog – Success in 60 Seconds: Remember Names

Success in 60 Seconds: Remember Names

by the Marketing Department at Laurus College

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie

“Success in 60 Seconds” is a weekly blog meant to be read in 60 seconds or less that’s dedicated to helping college students and recent graduates achieve success in their careers.

It begins the moment you enroll into college, join a networking group, or start a new job; suddenly, there’s a slew of new names and faces to remember. This is the perfect opportunity to develop one of the most important skills you’ll ever need in the business world…memorizing peoples’ names. Don’t let yourself off the hook with the common expression “I’m terrible at remembering names”. You’re in the process of creating a success story for yourself…and learning how to commit a person’s name to memory is a key component of that success.

Here are three (3) tips that, when applied, can help you become a ‘name memorizing’ pro:

1) REPEAT IT, USE IT: Every time you meet someone new, repeat their name back to them. For instance, when you meet “Joe” at a local Chamber of Commerce event, you might say:

“Pleasure meeting you, Joe.” or “Great to meet you, Joe.”

As you continue on with the conversation, make an effort to repeat Joe’s name over and over to yourself. When Joe tells you he works for ABC Systems, repeat in your mind “Joe works for ABC Systems”. Also, when Joe hands you his business card, read his name on the card right away. Most people learn things far more easily by looking at something than by listening.

2) CONNECT ON LINKED IN: LinkedIn is often regarded among business professionals as the most effective, professional online networking tool that exists. If you have a smart phone handy, pull it out and immediately send Joe an invitation to connect. You can even do this while you’re still having a conversation with Joe. Most professionals have a LinkedIn profile, and will be impressed that you’re making the effort to add them right away to your network. If you don’t have a smart phone, make sure to add everyone you spoke to at the event to your LinkedIn network as soon as you’re back in front of a computer.

3) TELL SOMEONE ABOUT IT: When you return back to the classroom, your job, or home, share your networking experience with someone. Tell that person the same story that you worked so hard to memorize. For example:

“I met Joe today at the Chamber of Commerce meeting. He works at ABC Systems and mentioned that they’re always looking for talented people to join their company.”

At Laurus College, we’re committed to helping our students and graduates succeed. Practice these three tips for memorizing names, and you’ll take yourself one step closer to your goals.

This Week’s Success Tip – Develop the habit of remembering peoples’ names!

Leo Craven is the VP of Strategic Planning for Laurus College. You can reach him through email: or call [phone-link location=””].

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